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Note: This is a review, click here to visit the Hitachi C10FSH site.

I recently purchased this saw, and boy am I impressed! I do tool testing for a large Orange Home Improvement company! I have tested dewalt, bosch, makita, and other hitachi mitre saws. This time Hitachi is a cut-above the rest! They made some worth mentioning improvements over the C10FS. Most notably, they have increased the left / right fence's aluminum thickness; the older version has a problem with fence cracking! The dust collection (how much dust actually goes into the dust bag) of this new saw is nearly double (if not more) than the C10FS.

The dust collection is large and can accomidate a wide range of vacuum systems. Worth mentioning, the vacuum mount (where you attach you vacuum hose) is aluminum, not plastic as in the case of most saws! The rubber thinggy behind the blade does its job well. The flip fence is nice and sturdy; while easy to move out of the way if not needed! Mine did not come with the dust sleeve for the rails (as many have wrote in their reviews here as well).

The only downfall is the laser position! It is accurate and it lets the operator know precisely where the blade will cut, the fine adjustment laser knob works great for tweaking the laser if needed! However, I have noticed that as soon as one starts to cut, the black rubber dust guide (right behind the blade) gets in the way of the laser beam! Meaning that one is able to see the line before you start cutting, but once you start, the line disappears behind the black rubber! I have also noticed that the bevel stops were removed! The C10FS had like 5 bevel stops, now it only has three (90, 45 left / right)!

The saw has incredible smoothness and a nice slide action. The recoil has been reduced immensely; thanks in part the poly v-beld driven motor! One other thing worth noting, like the C10fs and other hitachi's, the left and right fence's are independent of each other! This has always been a hitachi marvel! This little detail allows one to recalibrate the fence easier, rather than the half moon piece of aluminum that usually joins both left / right fences! I have heard cases where (makita, dewalt, and bosch) fences have warped due to the fact that they are one piece!

If anyone is in the market for the most accurate and most consistent saw period, look no further than the C10FSH!!!...

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